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Software Release

Intellisoft Auction System

Comprehensive system for Aution Management


We are pleased to announce Intellisoft Auction our comprehensive IT solution for Auction Management.

The system will handle all auction operations from the preparation of the catalogue to the sales and collection. It works off-line and on-line. It comes in three independent packages and the Integrator that integrates all parts together making thus a one unique system.

  • Part I. Intellisoft Auction Back-office: it handles all internal operations such as:
    • suppliers and customers contact management,
    • preparation of the auction (consignment, contracts, data entry of the items in up to 3 languages, pricing and issuing the catalogue of the auction
    • Handling the sales operations during the auction and Follow up
    • Auction Accounting
  • Part II. Intellisoft Auction Website: It is the Web site of the company who organizes the auction. Beside the general parts, It has two components:
    • the Gallery where permanent items for sales are exposed,
    • and the Auction where information about the items of the bid are shown. This includes description of the item in 1 to 3 languages: English, French and Arabic, its price and one or more pictures
  • Part III. Intellisoft e-Auction: it handles sales over the web. The part is under construction and has not yet officially released.
  • Part IV. Intellisoft Integrator: It handles
    • Data are exchanged and synchronised between all the parts above.
    • Catalogue upload from back office to the web site
    • Store operations and events happened during e-auction and integrated with system data base and accounting