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Welcome to our new web site where IntelliSoft business objectives and activities are reflected.

Intellisoft was founded in 2003 as an IT-based solutions provider, with mission to deliver to its customers Innovated Integrated IT Business solutions addressed to Small and Medium Enterprise.

Intellisoft business has been developed to include technical training and solutions for utilities. Our business solutions are delivered through:

  1. IT Business Solutions
    1. Development of customizable commercial business application.
    2. Ready-made customizable packaged systems developed by Intellisoft.
    3. Third party Applications from reliable and reputable worldwide suppliers.
    4. Sales and support of Microsoft products and solutions
  2. Hardware
    1. Computer Systems and peripherals.
    2. IT Networking Solutions.
    3. Structured Cabling Systems.
  3. Our Professional Services cover:
    1. IT Consulting Services.
    2. IT Networking Services.
    3. Implementation Services.
    4. Technical Support.
  4. Technical Training
  5. Intellisoft supports companies, universities, vocational schools by an extensive offer of technical training seminars, teaching materials and equipment that spans:

    1. Equipment covering Vocational Training and University labs.
    2. On-site Training.
    3. Training seminars offered locally or through our suppliers Training Centers.

    Intellisoft cooperates since 2009 with Rexroth, one of the world's largest training companies for technical professions.

  6. Utilities Solutions
  7. In 2009 Intellisoft established a division specialized in providing solutions and services addressed to Utilities service providers, for:

    1. Cable fault location in Power Networks
    2. Cable diagnosis and testing in Power Networks
    3. Water leak detection in pipe networks
    4. Cable fault location in Communication Networks
    5. Line and object location
    6. CCTV Sewer/Duct Inspection

    To fulfill these objectives, Intellisoft has established strong business partnerships with three international companies, known as worldide leaders in these domains: the German SebaKMT for cable fault location, diagnosis and testing, the American Vivax-Metrotech for line and abject location and the British Megger for Communication networks.

For more information please contact

Abu-Khater Bldg, Roma Street, Wardieh
P.O.BOX: 11-291
Beirut 2034-9409 Lebanon

Tele: +961-1-365.516
Fax : +961-1-374.357
E-Mail: Info@Intellisoftlb.com