1. Summary of our Services
  2. Consulting Services
  3. Implementation Services
  4. Technical Support
IntelliSoft provides design, development and integration services , for your mobile or wired network. The following services are delivered by experienced Services Professionals.
  • Network assessment, planning and design Services
  • Network integration Services
  • Network Management and Support Services

Network assessment, planning and design Services

Our Network services are tailored to your business and technology requirements, with reduced risk and cost. they include:
  • Network Architecture, Performance and availability assessment
  • Strategic Planning and Design Analysis
  • Network Design Plan
  • Technology Consulting

Network integration Services

We provide results oriented services whenever and wherever you need it. Our Network Integration Services include:
  • Project management.
  • Product procurement.
  • Installation and integration.
  • Interoperability testing.
  • Start-up Assistance.

Network Management and Support Services

Designed to supplement your own expertise and to ensure you are up-and-running at peak performance levels our flexible management and support services include:
  • Performance analysis.
  • Advisory services.
  • Operations management consulting.

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