intelliSoft Sales

Standard Features

  • Windows-Based System
  • User-Friendly with GUI Interface
  • Multi-Currencies
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Multi-Price List handling
  • Customizable
  • System Security on both System and Application levels
  • Modular
  • Integration with Microsoft Excel
  • Standalone or Networked versions
  • Microsoft Access or SQL Server

IntelliSoft Sales is a full Sales Process Automation System that helps sales persons and managers, monitoring their goals and their customers performance.

Besides providing automation of the sales process, the system offers powerful tools to manage all aspects related to the process such as Contacts, Customers Contracts, Opportunities, Pricing, Customer Orders validation and sales activities, making the application an efficient knowledge management.

The system provides a variety and rich reports, such as sales analysis, Salesperson, customer and company performance and a set of statistical Reports, allowing the company to have an accurate knowledge about its sales operations


The Sales Quote is the first document generated in the sales process. Details of prices, terms, taxes, quotations and other calculations issued to customers can be entered and saved in a Sales Quote and later converted to a Sales Order when the customer is committed to buy the goods. Relevant notes can be included in the Sales Quote. A Sales Quote helps the sales department follow up with customers or customer prospects on the various Quotes issued. The information in the Sales Quote flows into the Sales Order and from the Sales Order into the invoice.

Decision Support

IntelliSoft Sales provides the Sales team with a powerful analysis tools that allow up-to-date tracking of their performance versus objectives. The following and more are reported:

  • Sales Analysis over a Fiscal year
  • Sales performance on monthly basis by Sales Person, Product, Customer, Country
  • Sales Performance compared to objectives set per Customer, Sales person, product and country
  • Show performance on monthly basis and over five years.

More time for sales

The overall benefits of intelliSoft Sales are apparent immediately after installation. Your sales department improves operations by replacing manual, paper-based method of record-keeping with an efficient computer-based system.

This will improve the overall performance by giving the sales team more time to spend with customers and colleagues and help you meet increasingly your objectives