Power Networks

High voltage cable fault testing and diagnostics

Today, energy producers and providers and service providers in the fields of cable maintenance and fault location are obliged to ensure a high quality supply of energy to customers.

When a fault arises, it costs both time and money. On the one hand the consumers must be reconnected to the grid as quickly as possible, to keep the financial and goodwill damages as low as possible, on the other hand it is necessary to make the cost-intensive work of service units as efficient as possible.

The use of the right technology, a very high level of reliability and components that are easy to operate means that Megger can locate faults in cables and overhead lines quickly, reliably and efficiently.

High voltage cable testing represents a vital part of the lifecycle of a power line, and a consistent regimen of analysis and reporting significantly improves a utility’s reliability indices. Megger offers cable-testing solutions in the following categories of equipment:

  • Cable fault location: Complete the steps of the fault location process quickly and safely to minimise downtime for the customer.
  • Cable diagnostics: Access all of the information needed to make informed cable management decisions through the stages of the cable’s use
  • Cable test vans: Streamline your on-site condition assessment of cables with a test van equipped with a selection of instruments
  • Telecom/Datacom: Ensure that the physical transmission layer, connectors and interconnection devices work correctly, and gather essential connectivity information.

Why buy from Megger?

Megger is the pioneer of many revolutionary cable testing methods, which make the ability to test very long cable lengths an everyday practicality. Megger has been the leader of testing and measuring for a 100 years and our SebaKMT brand has over 60 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing dedicated cable test and diagnostic equipment.

From the most compact reflectometers (TDR) up to the highly customised cable test vans built to individual customer specifications, we offer our customers a comprehensive product portfolio for every imaginable problem.

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Cable fault locating

The cable fault location process has multiple steps and it’s vital that it’s completed as quickly and safely as possible to minimise the time that customers are without supply. We manufacture a wide range of fault location instruments that have been developed to be easy to use.

Several very popular Megger cable fault locator products, utilise the “E-Tray” interface. This interface is easy to operate, train on, and remember how to use. The EZ Thump is particularly popular for its simplicity and portability. The E-Tray is uniquely capable of accessing and operating every function via an intuitive user interface without the need for the user to make any adjustments, as the software highlights each progressive step

With a wide range of differing working voltages worldwide and varying lengths of cables including long submarine routes, our range of testing equipment has been developed to address the markets need for flexible testing. The output voltages and powers available means that limitations based on testing conditions are reduced.

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Cable Test Vans

Whether you are working on-site, in the countryside or an urban environment, having the right equipment available when conducting fault location operations is vital. When the correct tools can be accessed easily, fault-location time speeds up dramatically, and faults can be dealt with more efficiently.

Megger’s range of cable test vans offer solutions to the challenges of fault location in the real world, no matter the environment.

Our test van systems have been developed in collaboration with end users to ensure that they live up to the standards of daily fieldwork.

Our vans are designed to be adaptable to the end users needs so that the most appropriate tests may be carried out for the cable in question, regardless of whether it is low, medium or high voltage.

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Cable testing and diagnostics

Equipment to verify the a cable’s integrity/health

Good care and life management of cables can greatly improve a utility’s reliability indices. Cable testing features prominently in this process, and can be split into the following categories:

  • Cable testing to verify and prove the serviceability of the cable
  • Cable diagnostics to assess a cable’s integrity/health and thereby predict its long-term viability
  • Fault location to efficiently and speedily locate the faulted section of the cable

Cable testing and diagnostics

Cable testing and diagnostics provides information about the cable’s global condition (e.g. the cable’s overall insulation system), and will reveal localised problems, such as poor joints and terminations; it will also reveal localised weak spots in the insulation. Various cable tests are carried out to spot potential failures before they can cause severe outages. Megger cable test equipment provides access to all of the technology needed to make informed cable management decisions through the different stages of the cable’s life cycle.

Newly laid cables may be tested to reveal any faults arising from transportation or installation

During the life of power cables, older PE/XLPE insulation cables may require testing to assess aging, particularly water-tree growth, which causes sections of the cable to weaken.

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Telecom Testing

Precision test equipment for communications testing applications is essential to a professional test and installation engineer’s job. Megger has been there from the start to help you and your industry customers with connectivity, reliability and maintenance.

The range of test instruments includes copper wire analysers, TDRs, insulation and continuity testers, battery testers, earth testers and hand-held network performance testers.

While the communications model means you must work across all five layers - physical, data, network, transport and application - Megger’s test equipment ensures the physical transmission layer, connectors and interconnection devices work correctly, and also provide essential connectivity information from coupled devices for added-value service issues on the remaining layers.

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