Megger Acquires Power Diagnostix

Global electrical test equipment expert Megger has acquired Power Diagnostix of Aachen, Germany, a leader in the development and manufacture of high voltage diagnostic equipment, and in the provision of diagnostic services for high voltage installations.

This acquisition greatly enhances Meggers’ capabilities, particularly in the field of Partial Discharge (PD) testing where Megger can now offer diagnostic solutions for MV and HV electrical assets. These include transformers, bushings, generators, motors, switchgear and GIS/GIL installations, all of which complements the company’s existing cable and substation test and diagnostics solutions and services..

“This acquisition, which is the latest in developing our growth strategy, is a very significant development for Megger, for Power Diagnostix and for the customers of both companies,” said Jim Fairbairn CEO of Megger. “We now have access to some of the most innovative and effective technologies in the MV and HV diagnostics sector, enabling us to offer a truly comprehensive range of diagnostic on line monitoring solutions for Electrical OEM’s, Power utilities and others who operate MV and HV equipment and networks.”

“The acquisition of our business by Megger is a very positive event,” said Dr Detlev Gross. “It ensures a long term continuity for the business and provides access to Megger design concepts which can be utilised within our already very successful product ranges, while the extensive Megger sales network will ensure that our diagnostic equipment, test services and online monitoring expertise becomes increasingly available around the world”. Dr Detlev Gross, the founder and former owner of Power Diagnostix, will remain as Managing Director of the business, thereby guaranteeing continuity and guidance.

About Power Diagnostix

Power Diagnostix provides high quality diagnostic instruments, engineering services and online monitoring systems for high voltage applications. Founded as DG Instruments GmbH in 1986, the company has built a solid reputation in the specialised field of measurement and monitoring devices for high voltage and pulse power engineering.


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Product Launch

Baker Instruments integration progressing smoothly


The Megger acquisition of Baker Instruments (electric motor testing operations) was concluded in late August 2018. The integration is progressing well and the majority of the staff at the Fort Collins facility, near Denver (CO, USA), have transferred to Megger. Negotiations are near to conclusion with other sales, technical and repair personnel across the globe. On site today, Integration Manager Rick Beiber reports that there is tremendous enthusiasm about the experience, leverage and technologies that Megger can bring to product design, manufacturing and supply chain. Some changes to communications and ordering will be seen as IT systems go live in October, otherwise it is ‘business as normal’.

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The conference adopted a new format of panel discussion. There were hearty discussions among Megger and distributors which helped achieve a mutual understanding about market situation and demand, and would also further fuel our business growth in the regions. The aim of the discussions was to come up with one or two very excitable action items for each distr... more

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