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Welcome to our web site in its new look, with new features, and easy access to our solutions information.

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You are looking for a specific solution? We have designed our new website to give you a concise overview of the products in our portfolio – here you find all relevant information to assess your needs and take the right decision!

Such information includes solution and product overview, brochures, datasheets, links to our partners web-sites, products images, videos, webinars and tutorials.

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Intellisoft Lebanon was founded in 2003 as an IT-based solutions provider, then its business has been developed to include solutions for utilities.

The majority of our IT-based business solutions are made and supported in-house by Intellisoft Lebanon.

Our Utility solutions in power, water, and telecom networks, are provided and supported by multi-national companies well known as worldwide leaders in these domains:

  • a Multinational company for Electrical Test Equipment.
  • the German company and member of Megger Group, for cable fault location, diagnosis and testing.
  • an American company for line and object location, and inspection CCTV.

Enjoy browsing through our products and services and if you have any question – our customer service is ready to help you! Our contact details are mentioned on this page.

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Product Launch

Announcing the release of the BGFS Ground Fault Simulator


The BGFS Ground Fault Simulator is a product for customers that allows them to train their staff. Characterizing and tracing a ground fault can be challenging. We often have found that end users have issues in distinguishing a fault current from leakage current. The BGFS Simulator allows you to generate multiple types of ground faults. From simple low impedance faults to multiple high impedance faults with high leakage current. The end user can then train on how to use the unique features of the BGFT to characterize their fault. This product is useful tool that allows Megger and utility learning center personal to train end users or substation personnel. It is also an essential tool that allows the end user to train their personnel.

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Product Launch

Vivax announces the vLoc3-Pro Utility Locator


We are pleased to announce the release of the new Vivax vLoc3-Pro utility locator.

  • Color-coded EM distortion warnings
  • Offset vector locate mode
  • Optional receiver/transmitter link
  • Cloud-based data warehousing
  • Internal data logging
  • Optional Bluetooth connectivity

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Product Launch

Megger announces SmartFuse 250

We´re proud to introduce SmartFuse 250 and its extension sets for safe and smart management and location of fault in low voltage networks.

SmartFuse 250 is a multi-functional electronic circuit breaker which replaces conventional HRC standard fuses and is compatible with NH02 and NH03 fuse holders.

SmartFuse 250 is


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