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Megger announces SmartFuse 250

Monitoring and Cable Fault Location in LV Networks


We´re proud to introduce SmartFuse 250 and its extension sets for safe and smart management and location of fault in low voltage networks.

SmartFuse 250 is a multi-functional electronic circuit breaker which replaces conventional HRC standard fuses and is compatible with NH02 and NH03 fuse holders.

SmartFuse 250 is

the most compact multi-phase system in size and weight on the market to cover most fuse holders and cabinets designs

first fully modular system to locate faults on all phases in all possible fault conditions

Cheapest solution available, providing maintenance-free switch technology and fully integrative communication concepts

Defines a new safety standard

Transient (intermittent) faults are main contributor to extensive customer downtimes. In addition it is not possible to locate those faults. Meggers SmartFuse 250 enables DNOs to reduce customer downtimes to maximum, as customers can be reconnected automatically and the fault location can be determined at the same time.
Consequently penalties for violation of regulations on security of supply can be avoided. Maintenance activities can be planned in advance.

Also permanent cable faults can easily be located and pin-pointed by use of SmartFuse 250. Especially where consumers cannot be disconnected and HV surge methods cannot be applied for cable fault location, the smooth switching technology of SmartFuse 250 enables our customers to perform cable fault location with consumers still being connected.